Welcome to Graeme's Webspace, detailing modifications made to my 2004 Volkswagen .:R32. Please note, my vehicle is a Right Hand Drive Australian Specification, so some modifications may not work on a Left Hand Drive vehicle or may require different parts. These modifications may also work on other model VW's, but it is up to you to ascertain whether they will work on your car.

Please note: this Webspace is in the process of transferring from my old web host!

The old site address was:

  • http://www.users.on.net/~graeme86/
  • Dead links will be gradually amended as pages are uploaded. If a link does not work on this site, it may be active on the old site.

    Please contact me if you find any dead links and I will fix them. Enjoy your VW every day and thanks for looking.

    Latest Updates

    Brand new modification for instrument clusters to enable needle sweep when ignition is turned on! Refer to links under "Electrickery" for details.

  • Fuel Cap Tether Strap
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
  • Cluster programming
  • New information for dash lighting and Seat Belt Warnings in the Cluster Programming.

  • Fuel & Brake Line Protection
  • Audi Rear Wiper
  • Installation of Audi aero wiper and rotating jet assembly.

  • Rear Fog Light Warning Icon
  • Adding Rear Fog Light Icon to Headlight Switch using Audi circuit board.

  • Bora .:R Fog Lights
  • My bracket design to suit Euro bumpers now being sold by various companies without acknowledgement. Beware, as I state clearly on the design they ripped off, the brackets will not fit a US bumper!

  • OEM+ Switches
  • Updated with more information.

  • Daytime Running Lights using PWM Reduced Intensity High Beam Lights
  • Passenger Footlight Mounting Bracket
  • Yes, these are available to purchase. Please contact via email link at top of page for more information.